After a while of wholesome-mind space deprivation, the urge to return to the more desirable state of naturally running thought overcame me in late afternoon of 26th Septette. I decided to go out for a walk.
The usual walkway, with a couple more anthrobstacles than usual, but the degree was manageable. Seemingly unfazed by the happenings of my surroundings, on the middle way back I suddenly found myself surrounded by what at first felt like an alien forcefield of sorts. After closer inspection, it became clear to me that I was actually captured by what seemed to be a wild swarm of tiny white fairies (or autumn fairies or fairies of the winterwinds or will of wisps or tiny cool creatures that I cannot really categorize yet).
Based on my past experiences with similarly chaotically air circling organisms, my first reaction was to retreat into a defensive position to try to avoid any facial contact which might've resulted in undesirable tastes of a never forgotten past. But then they suddenly just went away, utterly removed from/by reality.
Not really dwelling too much on that short lived experience I continued to walk steps forward into the direction of my house. While modestly turning to face a dirt ground path, I noticed a trail of tiny white dots once again, but this time just gently flying past me, like a nice little wave of unintended kindness. I pulled my vision straight ahead, only to witness an overwhelming barrage of familiar magical energy streaming my way. However, to my great surprise, the energy stream was repelled by a sort of goat mom protective force field that made all the friendliness pellets just fly past me. That was when realized that my fateful encounter with the empire of the tiny white autumn fairies was far from overall.
SWITCH:[ON]___ I felt like I was standing in the middle of some very important event going on, so I decided to not move for a while. I tried to observe their behaviour and maybe get a better glimpse of their special anatomy (which as it turns out, was really hard to do). Looking straight ahead felt like staring into winter snowfall, only sideways. No physical sensations though, functionally it wasn't anything unlike a simple illusion.
After realising that this was a totally rad and awesome occasion that was happening around my body, I turned around to try and see where these fellas might be headed. Now this put me in a little dilemma, one wherein I'd have to choose between potentially discovering either their origin or destination. Both equally intriguing choices, though I ultimately decided to follow their origin point because it was the way I wanted to go anyway (pretty convenient if you ask me, could've been some sort of divine intervention or sth, I really can't tell).
So I slowly took single steps in the fear of interrupting their possibly holy activity, heading in the direction of what I assumed would be their base of operations. I had to stop every couple meters to see whether I still had them on my radar, since they were basically invisible size. Loss of my sight of them did occur a few times, but after careful observation of my immediate air, their presence resurfaced. And that kinda cycle didn't stop.
At least not until I actually arrived at my house, where standing in my garden meant the end of a fantastical adventure full of whimsical wonder. A couple fairies were still faintly detectable in the higher open air, but following their linear line of flight was pretty much impossible at that point. I didn’t go out of my way for anything, my way was the way of the fellas of fall, the other way they went only.
What I think I came away with at the end, was that the distinction between sizes in this clash of the roaming souls, served as a kind of barrier. Perhaps 3D space is divided into outward growing metaphysical layers, wherein consciousness within a certain xyz radius can only comprehend its own layer that it resides in. Sort of like the "Inhabitable Zone'' around a shining star, which, in the case of our sun, is only occupied by our own mother earth, the only planet that could support life in our solar system. What if the expansion of the universe, as we perceive it, is equivalent to the expansion of the collective human consciousness as we evolve? (should I hope that this makes sense?)
In any case, this matter would require more investigation, and I’m just a little herb, what can I do.